What Acura Parts Do I Need to Regularly Maintain?

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Did you know that you should regularly maintain or replace some of your Acura parts to keep it running like it was made to do? Here are the Acura parts that we at your Oregon Acura Dealers recommend that you regularly check to ensure these auto parts are running at their peak performance. 

New Acura Tires 

Our Acura tires provide exceptional load and speed ratings, and to maintain these ratings, you will want to replace them when needed with Acura Original Equipment Tires. You will want to regularly have the experts at your local Oregon Acura service center check your tires. Then, when it comes time to replace them, we will help you find the right Acura Original Equipment Tires that fit your Acura SUV or car. We also will help you replace your tires and get you back on the road quickly. 

New Acura Batteries 

To ensure your Acura always starts, you regularly want to get your battery checked by our Acura service technicians. We use the latest technology to determine if your battery needs replacing. When it comes time to replace your Acura battery, we provide a 100-month limited warranty and three years of free replacement. 

Acura Oil Change in Portland

New Acura Genuine Motor Oils 

Only Acura certified service experts should regularly change the oil in your Acura with our Acura Genuine Motor Oils. Our Acura oils are blended and tested to meet strict Acura requirements and explicitly formulated to use in Acura engines. If you perform an Acura oil change with any other type of oil, it can ruin your Acura engine. 

Schedule Acura Service at Our Acura Dealers in the Portland Area 

So if you think it may be time to check the parts on your Acura RDX, Acura MDX, Acura TLX, or whichever Acura you drive, locate the nearest Acura dealer to you and schedule your Acura service appointment today. Also, check out our current Acura service coupons to find out how you can save on Acura service and if you need to replace any of your Acura parts! 

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